Monday, September 11, 2006

"The Dark Angels are known as the 'Unforgiven,' though few within the Imperium know why. The Dark Angels are burdened with a terrible secret, a shadowy tale that has tasked them for 10,000 years. They hunt for their wayward brethren, known as the “Fallen.” The Dark Angels are determined to bring all the Fallen to justice and death, often to the exclusion of any other mission. "

Only the coolest nerds paint Warhammer minis. Last season on Ben Ten, Tim Divar and Scooter Tidwell got me into the whole Warhammer hobby. So far I've just been painting them, haven't actually played. Slowly but surely my army is growing. Rumor has it that Philly B is planning to start up a Tau Army ... haha whatever. His army wouldn't stand much of a chance against he Emperor's finest. Here's some of my work-in-progress troops (I have no idea how to properly photograph these lil guys):